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Raining Light

The road to peace has been discovered . . .
But finding true peace can sometimes get
clouded with despair.

By A.L. Bowles
E-Book: 9781942372080
Paperback: 9781942372097


"With a new King in command, a new quest has dawned that tempts us back across the mountains to peace, but the road to get there is filled with unimaginable pain and loss. The effects of that kind of change are never easy. It takes a toll on some—me, distancing them while others are brought together. We fight to keep moving because it is our destiny to end this time of war, not the time to be selfish. Thoughts of peace remain to cast light even in the darkest shadow, and I will not let myself fall into that darkness because there’s always hope; there’s always love. Even the great Senian King finds it within himself and acceptance of the world’s future seemed simple, but there was always something that stood in the way of true peace." -Jaylyn

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