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Changing Seasons

Death is a part of life . . . But it’s those who choose to take it that suffer the most.

By A.L. Bowles
E-Book: 9781942372066
Paperback: 9781942372073


"Change. They say it’s never easy, but even I would have to admit that’s true. The longer we stayed in Kalu, the more I hated it. Ruby was the only thing keeping me here. This stupid test we fell into wasn’t even considered a worry. After all, we hear the outcome had already been decided like this were just some game—well—almost all of us heard that. Our return to the capitol proved a success, and we were allowed to stay, so with the test out of mind, other plans became priority in its place. As one season ends, another begins, but like always, we’re never fully informed of the consequences, and some change deems too high of a price." -Darius

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