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 Endless Night

If tears can never bring happiness . . .
Harsh words and anger only bring tears.

By A.L. Bowles
E-Book: 9781942372042
Paperback: 9781942372059



"Our world breathes freshly to think the Great Seni Fighters are dead if we were the ones to return home, but it didn’t make us feel better about being back. These stupid female emotions made me feel weak, but when I finally saw the fire in Muscles’ eyes again, that weakness was of another kind. We had a new mission, but the trip’s main purpose was to test our bonds before they were allowed to stay in Kalu. It sure as Fate did that. Things were said and done that could have nearly destroyed us, but we were determined to return stronger, and the Great Seni Fighters would prove it by only adding to their greatness. We were ready for whatever lay ahead." -Ruby

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