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Beyond Horizons

Peace after death isn’t earned,
it’s taken.

By A.L. Bowles
E-Book: 9781942372264
Paperback: 9781942372271


“The greatest sacrifice I made would forever be to get Zayden back. It’s what we all chose but traveling into the unknown was dangerous, or so we were told several times. That never held us back from succeeding, and we were met with tales of a new enemy, one we would not have expected. Our great leader wouldn’t rest until the darkness was destroyed and we could finally have our peace, but it turned out to be one of those things that were easier said than done. Plans were scattered, and our existence changed. My priorities became split when unforeseen bonds formed among the ranks. Our world, it seemed, was only filling with more pain the longer we remained. Bringing light to the darkness didn’t help. Darker clouds were gathering, and it seemed it would be the end of things.” -Darius

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