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It’s said seeing is believing but you should never have to wait that long to know.

By A.L. Bowles &
Cassandra Cunningham

E-Book: 9781942372332
Paperback: 9781942372325

Igniting Amour



“Life was complicated. Our births were said to bring great joy to the lands, but I felt anything but great. As the first-ever Senian-born Princess, I was beloved by all, but I still always felt so alone. Every step of my life was already planned out for me like I had little to do but follow the path. I was the only one to see how dark it really was. I was betrothed to Prince Venny of Hintus, but I feared it every day until he came to stay with us, and he―changed somehow. I discovered that we had many things in common, and an unexpected spark began to form. Little did I know that falling in love in itself had its own consequences and would affect the very outcome of the world. If I had followed my first instincts, lives could have been spared." –Zaylee

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