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The Official
Fate's Intent

"Archival of a Journey"

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  I've spent years working on this series, and through them, I've compiled so many facts and ideas that needed to be organized into their own space. I spent months putting this archive together, and it was truly a joy to do. Looking back on things as I first imagined them really brought back the fun memories of creating them, and I can gladly say they will be fully available soon.

     Once this section is up and running, you'll find everything you need to know about the series besides the actual series itself. You'll meet the characters you've grown to love or hate, see the places they'd spend their time, the items that brought the story to life, and even the attire they wore through it. It truly is an adventure in itself, and I hope you have as much fun exploring it as I did making it.


More Sections Coming Soon!
We're still editing.
Thank you for your patience.

Meet the Characters

"The Great Six"

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