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Rising Sun

Learning how to be a parent is never easy . . . You just have to trust your heart and let love
guide you

By A.L. Bowles
E-Book: 9781942372165
Paperback: 9781942372172


“Parenthood was a step we were ready to take back at the mountain palace, but some things we may have forgotten resurfaced. Zayden and I were forced to leave our friends behind to bring Meg back into Hintus but sparing her life came at a price. Our little Seth’s future was at stake, but thoughts of it were pushed aside as he grew. We had other things to focus our time on. Trever had finally returned. It’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen him, and as usual, he returned with secrets, but this time we got to hear them. None of us could have prepared for the past coming back to us again, but some of us looked forward to it. Jaylyn finally gained access to her father’s journal, shedding new light on old issues, but we never expected that it would change our lives forever.” – Adele

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